week 40 . emancipation day


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Yoo Hoo Family!!

I'm on!!! They switched P-day to today because of Emancipation Day. They didn't tell us until after last P-day so I couldn't forewarn you...sorry! 

This week was super eventful so hopefully I can remember it all and fit it all in here haha. 

For starters, I cannot remember if I told you last week but WE GOT A CAR!!!! It actually belongs in the other sisters area but neither of them have a license so we are driving it for the time being. BUT, they took it from the area originally because it needed fixed and when they brought it back to us there were still a couple things that they needed to fix. So the office elders came up to Mandeville to take it to the shop for a couple hours and gave us their truck to drive (I was so happy because the Mandeville car isn't a truck and I love the mission trucks). They ended up calling us and telling us they had to take our car to Kingston so they gave us their car to drive for a little while. Then on Monday they texted us and said they were coming to Mandeville to trade cars and when they pulled up it was another truck. They had to take their car to the shop and our car was still in the shop so they brought us the Summers (a senior couple that just went home) truck to drive for the time being. So we have been driving all sorts of cars this week. 

We haven't had water since Friday and there are four sisters living in our apartment haha so we have had the time of our lives keeping our apartment clean and bathing every day. We have some emergency water (we have 15 gallons per person) that we have been using but that is starting to run low and we just got a text yesterday that we need to have all of our emergency jive stocked because there is a tropical storm warning... so we are going to have to get our water refilled today haha. 

We got the call that Brother Brooks will not be getting baptized for a little while. We prayed a lot and the Lord definitely comforted us A WHOLE LOT!! Brother Brooks is still studying and keeping his commitments and just being awesome!!

We had a lesson with a new investigator named Sheldon this week and he is really awesome! He said he is not religious, but when we went over the Godhead with him it was like he had been taught it already!! He is so prepared for this gospel and he said he has been praying for guidance and help from God. So we are hoping and praying that he will find what he is looking for as we continue to meet with him. 

We had a lesson with Hopeton this week that was POWERFUL!! He has a really hard time remembering things so we just barely finished the restoration with him this week. We do follow ups to see how much he remembers and this week we followed up on the whole lesson and he remembered it all!!! We invited him to pray about it at the end of the lesson and after his prayer it was so quiet and he just looked up at us and said "I believe". Hopeton is such a humble man and I am so touched by his faith and his willingness to learn even though it is hard for him.

I am so thankful for the miracles I am able to witness every day as I serve out here. It is truly such a blessing.

Love you all!! 

Have a great week!! Good luck with all the wedding planning and preparations.


Sister Baker

Emily and Sister Pierre

Emily, Sister Pierre and the other sisters they share a house with

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