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Hello all!! I LOVE YOU!! Thanks for all the emails and letters and support!! So... this week was TRANSFERS!! And Sister Van Der Leek is leaving me to serve with Sister Boekweg. I am so excited for both of them, but I will miss her LOTS!!! I will be receiving Sister Pierre who is from Trinidad. She has been serving in Cayman for the past six months so I have been in her district these past two transfers and have seen bits of her on skype now and then. She is a great missionary and I am excited to work with her!! I am sure that she will be a great blessing to this area!!

We had an eventful week of walking and rain. It is crazy because even when it is pouring down rain we are still sweating (welcome to the Caribbean). Not going to lie this week took a lot out of me and there were days that were more of a struggle and tested my faith. It was just hard to find people that were interested and it just felt like no one wanted to hear from us or anything. But we pushed forward and will continue to do so. Satan works very hard out here, but we work harder. And I am so thankful for this week because it really helped me to build my relationship with Heavenly Father and with Sister Van Der Leek as well (right before he takes her away from me haha). 

We got the news that President Brown will be coming to Turks for his last time this upcoming Sunday. So that will be my last time face to face with him as my mission presidet :(. I AM SO THANKFUL FOR PRESIDENT BROWN!! I love him A LOT and will miss him, but I know that President Pearson will be amazing as well. 

Highlight of the week: We had dinner at the Otin's (Brother Otin is from Argentina and Sister Otin is from Brazil) and they made us STEAK... SOOOO GOOOD!! We don't eat too much meat at home because $$$ And when we do it is either chicken or ground beef, so that steak was one of the most beautiful things Sister Van Der Leek and I have eaten in our time together haha.

Also, I may have gotten attacked by like 5 dogs this week. I got a small scratch and while I was trying to get away my amazing companion gave them the sternest "NO" I have ever heard because she was sooooo done with dogs haha and then we just walked away and kept on finding like nothing had happened (#minhavida - because I don't know how to say that in Creole and it would be boring in English) 

Also, Brother Willie from the branch (he is in the black shirt in the pics with Sister Van) every Sunday tells us to say hello to our families from "the little four inch man" haha. He is originally from Haiti but grew up in Turks and he is so precious!! Sister Van always says he looks like Yoda. I LOVE BROTHER WILLIE!!! He calls everyone his family and is really just the sweetest!!! 

Welp... I hope this was a more detailed letter... I will keep trying haha. LOVE YOU ALL!!! Have a great week!! [mom note: we asked for longer, more detailed letters hence her comment]


Sister Baker

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