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Yoo Hoo Family,

OKAY... first of all HELLO!!! I LOVE YOU ALL SO MUCH!!! 

HAPPY BIRTHWEEK MEGS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! [mom note: Emily's sister Megan is turning 22 this week]

Also, there is an Emily Baker serving a mission somewhere in the world who went into the MTC this past week and I have gotten a couple of her emails... super random. 

This week was a week full of walking... walking and more walking. A lot of our appointments fell through which left us with a lot of finding time so my tan/burn is coming a long nicely and my feet are starting to feel it a little haha. But, it really was a great week. I learned a lot from all of our experiences as I always do and I was able to really talk with my Heavenly Father and strengthen my relationship with Him as well.

This week we discovered that apparently my month mark is now "change a tire day" because while driving on Saturday somewhere I ran over a screw which flattened our tire nice and good. But we didn't get very far into changing the tire before a kind man came and did it for us. He did it in like five minutes (it would have taken us just a little longer haha). TENDER MERCIES!!!

Also, random funny story (#minhavida) [mom note: this is the hashtag Emily's sister Megan used when sharing funny stories from her mission in Brazil. Translated it means #mylife]...We were finding in a nicer area on the island and while walking saw a full on nude guy just chilling petting his dog... we didn't see anything because of the way he was standing, but when we processed that he was not clothed we may have picked up our pace a little bit to walk past his house faster haha. 

My favorite scripture this week is definitely Ether 12:27. I LOVE IT!! I also LOVE the story of the Jadeite Cabbage which is somewhere in the Liahona or Ensign or something. I am sure that my super tech savvy mom will be able to find it and attach it to this email, but it goes really well with that scripture and has a great moral.

Welp... I LOVE YOU ALL!!! And I hope that you have a fantastic week!! I am thinking of you always and I am so thankful for the love, prayers and support!!

Have a great week!!


Sister Baker

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