week 28 . mother's day skype!


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Yoo Hoo Family!!

So I feel like I just talked to you all... so strange?!? And so now I have nothing more to say, so if this email seems jumbled or confusing that is probably why. [mom note: We skyped with Emily yesterday for Mother's Day hence the having nothing to say]

Celebration week in the Baker home looked like a total party!! The shock game and everything! (Not sad about missing that)... The missionaries look awesome and I am sure they are doing amazing work in the ward!! [mom note: the "celebration week" she mentions is the week every year when we go a little party crazy. It includes May the Fourth be With You (Star Wars Day), Cinco de Mayo, and Nathan's birthday. Some of our festivities this year included the missionaries serving in our area]

Sister Van Der Leek and I had celebration week as well, but in our apartment with just the two of us and my cooking instead of mommy's cooking... and no decorations. Also, I am not clever enough to make Star Wars related food because I don't know enough about Star Wars [mom note: the only non Star Wars nerd kid in the family] and we do not use internet so our May the Fourth was pretty much just that sign I made... and the vitamins we take are Star Wars themed... so WOOOOO!!! 

Sister Van Der Leek and Emily celebrating May the Fourth

Cinco de Mayo celebrations
Mothers Day was THE BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOVE YOU MOMMY!!! And family too of course!!! I was so happy to see Megs there!!!! I'm sorry if I was jumbled or boring haha, 45 minutes flies by too fast!!! 

Nathan, Luke, Emily, and Megan
This week has been a spiritual one! I have learned a lot during my studies and reading. I am very into Jesus the Christ right now. I generally read it before bed when we have a little bit of time (and if I am not dead tired) and it is SOOO GOOOD!!! I am learning so much more about Jesus Christ and all that he did. I really like it because it combines all four gospels that talk about Christ in the Bible and expounds on them and James E. Talmage is far more intelligent than I am so I am just pretty much in awe the whole time I am reading haha. I just read chapter 15 a couple days ago and really liked that one!!

I seriously do not know what to say to you all... this is strange haha. 

Just please keep praying for us! We are working very hard to find people who speak English and who really have a desire to learn more about the gospel. We are finding some people that seem promising and are strongly hoping that they will continue to progress and that they will be willing to keep their commitments. 


Have a wonderful week!!!


Sister Baker

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  1. Oh, she is too cute for words and I am sure Sister Van Der Leek will leave with a very heavy heart!


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