week 27 . being a missionary is the greatest blessing


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Yoo Hoo Family!!!!!

Okay, so this week was spiritual overload and I LOVED IT!!!!! We had Zone Meeting on Wednesday which taught me A LOT and then we had Sisters Conference on Thursday which was AMAZING!! We skyped in for Sisters Conference and it was cool to see all my companions and all the sisters, we have an amazing group of missionaries in this mission!!!! 

Sister Clyde (my last comp) is training Sister Johnson (Cassidy's student) CRAZY!!! [mom note: Cassidy is Emily's cousin that teaches at Timpview High School in Provo] Such a small world haha. Sister Johnson actually got asked to speak during Sisters Conference. She spoke on sustaining our leaders, it was very powerful and she seems like a really good missionary, MoBay [mom note: Montego Bay] is lucky to have her!

One of my favorite parts of Sisters Conference is when Sister Dennis spoke about Esther 4:14 and how we are called "at such a time as this". It was a powerful talk and she seems like an amazing sister! I didn't get to see her face because of the way the camera was set up for skype haha, but I really felt the spirit so strongly as she spoke. I am very thankful for the women in the scriptures and the amazing example that they are to me and all the other women in the world today. Scriptures are the best!!!

Turks is as wonderful as ever!!! We had four less actives at church this week which was so great!! The members were so happy to be reunited with these people that they had not seen in a while and a couple of the LA's [mom note: Less Actives - those who haven't been to church in some time] bore very powerful testimonies during sacrament meeting. This branch has such a strong desire to grow and I am so thankful to be a part of it all. Such an amazing calling to be given, I feel so much trust from Heavenly Father for placing me here!!!

We have two investigators with baptismal dates who really need your prayers! Ewellington (May 29th) and Mondesir (May 22nd)! Both are really willing to work towards baptism, but really need a powerful spiritual experience to help push them forward. They are so amazing and have a strong desire to know Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ and I know that as they work towards baptism they will be able to strengthen that relationship. So we are really just working to help them build their testimonies and to take that leap of faith and trust in God and his will for them. 

I absolutely LOVE being a missionary!! I think I say that every week, but it is so true! I am so thankful for the experiences that I have been afforded as a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and I am so thankful to know how much my Heavenly Father loves and trusts each of us. He has placed us where we are at this time to be a light and an example to those around us and I am so fortunate to have been placed in Turks and Caicos in the Provo Branch. I love these people with all my heart and I love all those I get to serve with and serve around. BEING A MISSIONARY IS THE GREATEST BLESSING and I know I will always be thankful for these experiences!

Okay... enough sappiness haha. Love you all!! Have a fantastic week!! SEE YOU SUNDAY AHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!! [mom note: missionaries are allowed to call/skype home two times a year...Christmas and Mother's Day. As Mother's Day is this Sunday we will be able to "see" Emily then when we skype with her]

Sister Baker

Emily took her Polaroid camera with her and loves snapping pictures of people and then giving them a photo
Unfortunately when we get pictures sent to us they often come with no explanation. I wish we knew who all these beautiful people are that Emily is taking pictures of

Not sure what all these car ad type pictures are. I can only assume that maybe they washed their car and were proud of how it looked? 
Sister Van Der Leek
Sister Van Der Leek

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