week 26 . six month mark...wuhhhhh?!?!?


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Yoo Hoo Family!!

Hello all!!!!!!! This week was absolutely AMAZING!!! So many miracles it is THE BEST being a missionary!!

There were many highlights this week and I may share them out of order, but here it goes haha. 

SMOKIE CAME TO CHURCH!!!!! Smokie is the less active that we have been meeting with for a couple weeks now. He is blind, so he hasn't been keeping up on reading his Book of Mormon, so we go and read a chapter with him two to three times a week. He was really unsure about coming back to church, and when we called him Sunday morning to remind him he was like "wow you really have a lot of faith don't you" and then he said he would try haha. When we got to church at 9:20 (church starts at 10) he was already there!!!!!!!!! And everyone from the branch was so happy to see him, everyone loves Smokie! 

On Thursday it was my six month mark... WUHHHHHH?!?!?! And Sister Van Der Leek and I got to change a tire haha. The treading on one of our tires was just really bad and we have to wait for money to get put into our accounts before we can go get new tires put on so we changed it to the spare for the time being which has WAYYYY better treading. But we were at the church when we talked to the office elders about it on the phone and there is not a good place for us to change it back home because the ground is not as flat, so we decided to just do it at the church in our proselyting clothes. [mom note: proselyting clothes just means they were in their church clothes] Our clothes were clean when we finished but my arms were covered in grease haha.

We found so many amazing people this week!!!! A lot of people that seem sincerely interested. We had one lesson with a man named Raymond this week and HE CAME TO CHURCH on Sunday!!!!!! We also had our investigator Ewellington at church. He came late because he lives further out on the island and it is hard to catch a jitney (taxi) from that far out. But he is going to push to be on time next week!!

There are so many miracles always in missionary work and I am so thankful for that! I am so lucky to have this opportunity to grow closer to my Savior and to help others too!

I love you all and hope that you have a wonderful week!


Sister Baker

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