week 24 . i love service


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yoo hoo family!

Ahhhhhh! The weeks are going way too fast I cannot handle it! But I absolutely love missionary work and I am so thankful for all of the miracles that we are able to experience on this AMAZING little island!

This week we had more lessons with Daphne and she is as amazing as ever! She is taking huge steps to live this gospel and I know that she will be so blessed because of it. Please, keep her in your prayers. SHE IS SO PREPARED!!!!

Also, I sent some pictures of Sister Van Der Leek and I helping paint a boat (I hope that they went through). The guy that we helped is named Perry and he is amazing! He was born and raised in Turks, so he speaks English (which is THE BEST!) and he is so friendly. He would always say hello to us when we got to the area where he lives because we always park our car near his house. But, he was never very interested in learning more about the gospel. A couple weeks back we saw him working on his boat and we offered to help if he needed it. He called us up this week and asked if we could help him paint and we were SO EXCITED because service is THE BEST!!!! So we went and helped him paint and somehow the gospel just magically came up in our conversation with him (hehe) and we asked if we could teach him and he was totally willing... AND HE CAME TO CHURCH ON SUNDAY which is HUGE!!! He really liked it and he seems sincerely interested in learning more. I LOVE SERVICE!!!!

Emily and Sister Van Der Leek
Also we have an investigator named Idalette who is wonderful. She came to church on Sunday as well and was there last week for General Conference. She has met with missionaries in the past, but wasn't completely ready. But now, every time we see her she has questions and she is getting more and more excited about the gospel. She is understanding what she is reading and she is understanding what the spirit is teaching her as well. Heavenly Father is remarkable!! We are working hard with Idalette because she wants to be baptized, but she isn't too sure if her husband will let her, so we are praying lots and hoping that his heart will be softened. 

All in all it was a really great week! I am so thankful to be a missionary and I love this gospel so much!

Random side notes: CONGRATS to Brynn and Zach!!! [mom note: Emily's friends that got engaged] also Happy National Siblings day to the coolest sibs in the world!!! Thanks for sending me the cheesy childhood pictures, we are a cute bunch aren't we :)



Sister Baker

Sister Van Der Leek

I think someone may be missing her kitty at home

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