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Yoo Hoo Family!

Okay... Conference weekend was THE BEST!! As always. [mom note: Emily is referring to General Conference. General Conference is a semiannual worldwide gathering of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Church members and anyone else interested gather to receive guidance and encouragement from Church leaders about gospel living based on the teachings of Jesus Christ. General Conference is held the first weekend in April and October.] It was so great to hear from our inspired leaders and to receive answers to questions. I loved all of the talks so much, I don't think I could pick a favorite haha. I just felt that there was a lot on families and receiving a remission of our sins. Seriously, did everyone on Saturday speak on children and families? I think so haha. And then A LOT of people referenced Isaiah 1:18 in their talks, which is a great reminder. I was definitely uplifted by the messages that were shared and I CANNOT WAIT to get the Ensign so that I can read and re-read the words of the Lord's inspired servants.

Their set up for General Conference
Sister Van Der Leek
Emily and Sister Van Der Leek
We had an AMAZING lesson this week with one of our investigators named Daphne. She is 19 and she met the elders on this island about three years ago. When we were going through a pile of records of people that had been taught in the past, we called her and she was totally willing to have us come and see her. During our first lesson with her she told us that about two weeks earlier she had made it a goal to better understand the bible. We have now had four lessons with her and we are already on the Gospel of Jesus Christ, which is a miracle on this island because normally the fourth lesson we are either finishing the Restoration or just starting Plan of Salvation (part of that is due to the language barrier). Daphne's first language is English, but she speaks Creole as well. When we met with her on Saturday, she really opened up to us about some struggles/trials she has and the spirit was sooooo POWERFUL. She has a strong desire to change and strengthen her relationship with Jesus Christ, and I know that if she continues praying and reading and coming to church that she will receive so many blessings. She truly is prepared for this gospel!

I have been studying more in third Nephi throughout this week and I really love the chapters where Christ is among the Nephites, teaching them and blessing them. I just read it and think about how amazing it must have been to sit and learn from Jesus Christ and how wonderful it will be for us to have that opportunity in the future! We are so blessed though to be living in this dispensation to have all of the opportunities that we have been given. Like General Conference!! Can we just talk about how amazing technology is that we are all able to hear from the prophet all over the world! 

I am so thankful for this gospel! I am so lucky to have the good influence of my friends and family that has helped me to hold my standards and to get me to where I am today. I love being a missionary with all my heart!

The pictures of Sister Van Der Leek and I with the lap top is our zone meeting. We do District and Zone meeting over skype at the church. On Wednesday when we got to the church the power had been shut off because no one payed the bill. We had to try and find a members house to go to for Zone Meeting and EVERYONE was working. Then we realized that the Otin family has a nanny that watches their two boys, so we called and asked if there was any way we could use their computer. We got to their house and knocked on the door and we could hear the nanny inside but no one answered, so we knocked again. The nanny came and opened the door and we heard water. We walked in and the smoke alarm had a large amount of water leaking from it so I grabbed a bucket and a mop and helped get that figured out and then we got on the computer and were able to be there for the last couple hours of Zone Meeting which was SOO GOOOD! [mom note: unfortunately the pictures she is referring to didn't come through. She has been having problems with her camera and we haven't been getting all her pictures]

Well, I love you all a whole lot and I am so thankful for all of the love and support! I think about you often :). LOVE YOU!!!!!!! 

Sister Baker

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