week 22 . living in provo with prince


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Ohhhhhhh boy where to begin. I feel like by the time Monday comes around so much has happened and I just cannot remember it all haha. 

I'll start with answering all of mom's questions:

How was the week on the island?


Tell us about life there? Is it similar to Jamaica?

This island is far more Americanized (is that a word?) than Jamaica. We use U.S. dollars and I drive on the left side of the car again, but still on the left side of the road haha. You could probably drive from one end of the island to the other in less than an hour so it is a pretty small island. Definitely smaller than Jamaica. [mom note: the island is 38 square miles]

random car that reminded Emily of home
What do you eat? Anything strange? 

We eat lots of different things. There is more American food in the grocery stores because everything is imported from America. But when we get fed we get to try Haitian food, Dominican food, Argentinean food and Bahamian food...YUM!! None of it has been weird though. Haitian food = rice and beans and delicious meat!! Dominican food = beans. Argentinean food = homemade PIZZA...sooo goood!!! and Bahamian food = I actually haven't had it yet, but I have heard good things haha...rice and peas and baked macaroni and other deliciousness.

From Em "This is sweet pea (or sweet bean) soup. They eat it on Good Friday in Dominican Republic so Brother Chalas made it for us on Friday. SO GOOD! SOOOOOO SWEET THOUGH! haha

Is the area poor? Wealthy? Both?

It is super expensive to live on this island, but not everyone here is super wealthy, there are really nice areas and poorer areas too. When I say really nice, I mean REALLY NICE haha. We saw Prince's "vacation home" while driving the other day. We were thinking it may be a hotel/resort, but we asked a member in the branch who works with most of the resorts/hotels and she said that it is Prince's home so... yeah. haha 

Prince's house
You can read the article/see pictures in the Turks and Caicos Weekly News here. [mom note: I kind of love that the island Emily is on Providenciales, Turks and Caicos is called Provo for short. I've got both Megan and Emily living in Provo.

Do you drive? Walk? 

What's your apartment like?

Our apartment is nice. Lots of room. There is lots of random stuff in there because when missionaries are packing to go if their bags are going to be too heavy they leave random little things behind and that kind of builds up haha. 

How many people come to church? 

On record we have 125 members but we have 8 solid members who come every week (most have most likely been deported)  And every week since I have been here we have had tourists at church. Sister Van Der Leek and I teach the Youth Sunday School class and Young Womens. They have a Creole Gospel Principles class and an English Sunday School class as well. 

Do you see the ocean often?

Always... it is kind of hard to miss haha. We can't see it from our apartment, but we cannot go a day without seeing it when going to see people. when I say this island is small, I mean it haha :)

This week was wonderful though! We focused a lot on contacting everyone on the branch directory to figure out which people were still on the island. We got to meet a less active member named Smokie Burns who I absolutely love!!! His real name is Woodley, but no one calls him that haha. He is a "retired gangster" and he is somewhere in his late 30s. He is also blind from some gang related something... We have been trying to see him as much as possible so we can read the Book of Mormon with him because he can't really read it on his own. When we close the lesson, Smokie gives the prayer and his prayers are THE BEST!!!! He shares everything with God, no holding back haha. The other day he was praying about his kids who are living in the states. He has a little girl who is seven and he prayed and asked God to send Jesus before his daughter is old enough to date because he doesn't want to deal with that haha. I LOVE SMOKIE!!

This week I focused a lot on Christ appearing to the Nephites. Such a powerful story!!!!! It is in 3 Nephi 8-11. READ IT!!! haha It really is so good and such a powerful testimony that Jesus Christ is living! It was a really good message for Easter. "so... read it" - Sister Van Der Leek

welp... love you all lots and thank you for everything you do!!!!

Have a fantastical week!!


Sister Baker

Emily and Sister Van Der Leek

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