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So its official, I am being sent from Montego Bay to Turks and Caicos. [mom note: There are 40 islands and cays in Turks and Caicos, 8 of which are inhabited. I'm not sure where she will exactly be living and serving] The transfer call came on Saturday but I really kinda already knew on Wednesday because Sister Clyde and I had to go to Kingston on Wednesday and I had to get paperwork done to travel. This is a bittersweet transfer. I am definitely going to miss my birthplace. I have grown to love all of the people in Montego Bay SOOO MUCH!! And I have really loved getting to know Sister Clyde, but I also know that the Lord needs me in Turks and Caicos. I will be with Sister Van Der Leek (I don't know if that is spelled right) who just finished being trained by Sister Smith. I met her at Christmas Zone Conference and she stayed in our apartment for a night. She seems like a great missionary and I am definitely looking forward to getting to know her better!

Fun facts about Turks (I learned a little about Turks from Sister Smith when they came for Zone Conference and she was in the car with me taking the Sav sisters home)

1. They speak another language (Haitian Creole) I saw a pamphlet written in it that Sister Smith had and she spoke a little bit of it for us... this is going to be interesting haha. But I am excited to learn. [mom note: Jamaica is an English speaking mission so Emily did not learn a language in the MTC like most foreign language missionaries do (they normally spend 6 weeks learning the language before arriving in their mission) Emily will be learning as she goes which should make for some interesting experiences haha]

2. A lot of Haitians live in Turks. 

3. I am 99.9% sure that Turks and Caicos is under the Queens rule.... yup Megan that's right. I am going to be living under the Queens rule haha. [mom note: Emily's sister Megan has a huge fascination with all things royal family so she may be a tad bit jealous about this fact]

4. Unless someone travels from Kingston to Turks and Caicos, I won't be getting mail while I am off island. [mom note: "off island" is how Emily's mission refers to any missionary serving off the island of Jamaica. Also, I have learned from another missionary mom that Emily and her companion will be the only missionaries on Turks. I believe their contact with other missionaries and their mission president is very limited. I am sure Emily will appreciate contact from family and friends during this somewhat isolating time. You can send her emails at emily.baker@myldsmail.net

5. It is a small island and it is beautiful and there are lots of people there that are ready to hear the gospel and I AM SO EXCITED to share it!!

Shout out to Daddy-O on his birthday!! I thought about it when we started writing in our planners for March and in my planner today I wrote DAD'S BIRTHDAY in big letters so that I wouldn't forget. 

We had a lot of wonderful lessons this week. One of my favorites was with a recent convert named Brother Fearweather. He was baptized a year ago next week and he is amazing! We got to see his home for the first time and he told us his conversion story. He has two grand children whose mother passed away after giving birth to them and he and his wife take care of them now. He was down in Montego Bay trying to get some food for them about a year back and President Grant (a member from the branch) saw him and invited him to come to the church where he was offered some help. The selfless love was a HUGE example to him and he said that from that day on he didn't want to go to any other church. He is AMAZING! And after we closed the lesson he told us to wait and he went and grabbed two bags full of different fruits and cut open coconuts for us to drink too. I love the service and charity that everyone here in Jamaica shows and I am so thankful that I am being so well taken care of. I have a HUGE Jamaican family haha and they are WONDERFUL!!

I love you all and I am so thankful for all of the love and support. I am excited to see what this transfer holds and cannot wait to be emailing you next week from Turks and Caicos. LOVE YOU!!


Sister Baker

[mom note: I found this article interesting. Its about the church getting it's start in Turks and Caicos in 2009.] 

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  1. I already love sister Baker after reading this post! I am pretty sure they will get on like a house on fire.
    Getting mail to them is pretty frustrating and they are very isolated on the Island, Bronwen (Sis Van Der Leek, spelled right ;)) never complains and she loves the people on the Island, the language is a bit of a problem, but I am sure with some extra work and time invested in studying it, they will be great.
    I am happy to see that Sister Baker send photos as my missionary forgot her cord at home and it is waiting in a parcel in Jamaica.
    I'm happy we are new companion-moms.
    Enjoy your evening


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