week 18 . but the brakes didn't work


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We had quite the eventful week! I have definitely seen the Lords hand in my life in so many ways this week and I am so thankful for that. 

To start off, on Tuesday we went to pick up Sister Green because she was coming out teaching with us for the day. She lives at the top of a hill on a road that has quite a few pot holes. Sister Clyde was driving and taking it nice and slow coming down the hill because she is still getting used to the Jamaican roads haha, We were almost to the bottom of the hill and there was a car in front of us in our lane (dodging a pothole) which is pretty normal, so she went to hit the brakes until they got back into their lane but the brakes didn't work. She got around the car and then we pulled off on the side of the road. Everyone was okay and the car didn't get a scratch but we were all a little shaken up. After making sure Sister Clyde was okay, I called the office elders and they talked me through what to check to make sure everything was functioning properly in the car, they had to take it nice and slow because I do not understand cars at all haha, but they couldn't figure out what could be wrong so we coasted back to the house which was right around the corner and got a phone number for a mechanic. They looked at the car and got it all fixed up, we needed new brake pads and now the car is as good as new. That took a decent time out of proselyting for us, but we still got to see people that day which was wonderful! And we were thankful to have Sister Green with us through the whole day because she takes very good care of us and she is always watching out for us. 

Thursday was election day here in Jamaica so President Brown had us all stay in our apartments all day to be safe because sometimes politics can get a bit crazy. We did our super planning in the morning and then spent the rest of the day updating our area book, reading our scriptures, writing in our journals and writing letters. We may have gone a little stir crazy from sitting inside all day and at one point Sister Clyde may or may not have come into the room on all fours meowing like a cat haha. We made apple crisp with the stuff that you sent me at Christmas and it was delicious!! 

We were very thankful for the opportunity that we had to go out on Friday and see people, it was WONDERFUL!! And then on Saturday, I woke up at about 5:00am to lots and lots and lots of rain outside, and then went back to sleep. When we woke up for the day it was still pouring rain. [mom note: video Emily sent of the rain outside their window.]

It rained through all of our studies and was still going strong when we were going out. People don't like when you come to their houses in the rain, everyone generally stays indoors, so we were trying to decide what we wanted to do. We ended up going to Lucea which is about 45 minutes from Montego Bay to see some of the less active members from the branch. We escaped the rain and had four amazing lessons and even got a referral from one of the members. And when we got back to MoBay the rain was gone. [mom note: the video below is something I found on YouTube that shows the area of Lucea]

We had two investigators at church on Sunday. Millie and Eli. Millie came a couple weeks ago and she loved it so much. She really gets along well with the branch and she asks amazing questions during class. I LOVE HER!!! She is working towards a baptismal date of March 13th. Please pray for her! We met Eli this week and he is the sweetest man ever! He loved church and when we talked about it with him after he told us that his whole life he has been searching for a church where there is love in the congregation. He has a baptismal date of March the 27th, but his learning is a little slower. We are praying and having the faith that he can be ready by that date because we truly feel that is the date that Heavenly Father wanted us to extend to him. 

I LOVE MISSIONARY WORK!!! I love Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ and the Holy Ghost! I love my companion! I love Jamaica! I love it all!! I am so thankful for this opportunity! LOVE YOU ALL SO MUCH!!

Have a wonderful week!

Sister Baker

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