week 17 . through god's eyes


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Yoo Hoo Family!

This week was like spiritual overload!! It was all sorts of awesome!!! 

We had a lot of good lessons during the beginning of the week and then on Friday we had zone conference. President Brown, Sister Brown and the AP's [mom note: Assistants to the President] all shared wonderful things that I just really needed to hear. I won't attempt to share all of it with you, but it was focused mainly on obedience, time management and balance. I really liked the parts on balance, that's what I think I needed the most. I need to work on being okay if appointments fall through every once in a while but also not being super laid back about it because appointments are important haha. It is a work in progress and zone conference definitely helped me to see where I can work to improve. 

After zone conference we had interviews with President Brown [mom note: Emily's mission president] which are THE BEST because I just get to talk one on one with him about everything and he is just so in tune with the spirit. I always leave interviews with him feeling uplifted and ready to go out and share the gospel.

After my interview Sister Clyde and I went to Sav with the sister training leaders for trade offs and it was AMAZING!!! I learned so much from this trade off. I learned even more about balance and I also learned a lot about finding investigators effectively. Sister Lynn and I were together and Sister Clyde was with Sister Kelly. It was nice to see that we are all just human and sometimes we have hard days but if we stay excited about the work people will see that and want to learn more. I am thankful for all the things that I was able to learn this week.

One of my favorite lessons we taught this week was to our investigator Lorna. She is 53 and she is a super mom. We went to visit her at her shop after church yesterday to see why she wasn't able to come and she really opened up to us. She is having a hard time running her shop because her kids aren't being super helpful. She loves her family SO MUCH and she just is not completely feeling the love back. We were able to share a gospel message with her and she was so thankful when we were leaving, she didn't want us to go haha. I know that she felt the spirit and I definitely felt it as well.

We also visited a less active sister, Sister Henry. She is working a live-in job taking care of an older couple. The husband cannot see or hear very well and the wife cannot move or see well. She is a very Christlike woman, and such an example to me. We shared the talk with her from General Conference, "Through God's Eyes" which is MY FAVORITE!!! And I know that is what Heavenly Father wanted us to share. She shared with us about how it is hard sometimes to take care of the couple because they rely on her for everything, but after we shared the talk with her she said she felt like she should just take it slow and leave it in Heavenly Fathers hands. She said she is going to pray about it and rely on God. She is AMAZING!!!

Well family, I love you all so much and I am very very thankful for all the emails, love and support! I am so lucky to call you family!!!

I hope everyone has a WONDERFUL week!!! Talk to you soon!!


Sister Baker

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