week 15 . so many blessings i cannot even remember them


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Hello everyone!!! Love you all!!

This week was WONDERFUL!!!! Sister Clyde and I worked very hard and there were so many blessings I cannot even remember them all haha. 

We met a lot of new people this week which was really good. We met with a referral from the elders this week. His name is James and he is AMAZING!!! He asks questions that take us through the lesson perfectly and he has a sincere desire to find the truth for himself. He came to church this Sunday, he was a little late but we are so thankful that he made it and he learned a lot from gospel principles and priesthood. [mom note: different church classes]

I am so thankful for Sister Clyde! I got the flu this week and had a super sore throat and runny nose and she took such good care of me. I am so lucky to have her as my companion and I look forward to the rest of the time that we have together (we are both feeling two transfers haha).[mom note: a transfer is a 6 week period. Sounds like Em and Sister Clyde are thinking/hoping they will be together for two of them]

We have a member in the branch who returned from his mission in the Dominican Republic. He got back the same time as Megan. His name is Sean Henriques and he is such a blessing to the branch. He has done so much for them by serving a mission and he has helped to strengthen them a lot since he got home. The Montego Bay branch is continuing to grow and it really is amazing!!

This week I have learned so many new things about faith and the atonement. We have a couple investigators that are really working to progress, but they are having a hard time with keeping commitments or understanding what they are reading on their own. But I have seen their progression as they have exercised their faith and as they have relied on Heavenly Father and the atoning sacrifice of His son Jesus Christ. The Atonement is such an amazing gift that we have been given!!!

I love the gospel sooooo much and the more I learn about it, the more I want to share! This gift is just too amazing to keep to ourselves. I LOVE MISSIONARY WORK!!!!

Love you all sooooo much!! Have a wonderful week!!


Sister Baker

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