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Hello dear family! Sorry for emailing so late. I told mom this already, but we had a zone Pday [mom note: when a group of missionaries get together for an activity] today in Negril. We were going to the beach to play volleyball so we left bright and early so we could avoid being in too much sun. When we got out there the beach was wayyy too crowded so we went down the road a little ways and played basketball instead. It was a lot of fun! The other sisters in our zone didn't come out because it is a pretty far drive for the Ochi [mom note: short for Ocho Rios] sisters and the Sav [mom note: short for Savanna-la-Mar] sisters don't have a van and I don't think they wanted to taxi. They were greatly missed haha, but Sister Bogle and I had a grand ole' time blocking each other and attempting to shoot baskets. 

Transfer calls came this week and I am staying in MoBay!!!! I am super excited because I absolutely looooovee this area and all of the people so much, but I am so sad that Sister Bogle is leaving me. She is being transfered to Hopeton, and I know that she is going to do amazing things in that area!!! My new companion will be Sister Clyde. I don't know anything about her, but I will be picking her up on Wednesday and I'll get to know her then :). We are no longer having transfer meetings because there is a new head in the missionary department and he has said that transfer meetings are not an authorized meeting, so on Wednesday Elder Lafayette will be driving to pick up/drop off people until we get to his new area and then I will take over the dropping off/picking up of missionaries in the near by areas and that includes picking up my companion. 

In the pictures I sent this week, Sister Bogle, Antoinette and I went to the bush to do some service on Jimmy's farm. Jimmy is Jimroy and Juniors dad. So we helped him plant some corn and he showed us all around his farm, it was really pretty and I loved all the green everywhere!

This week was really good. We celebrated Sister Bogle's birthday on Thursday [mom note: in Jamaica it is tradition to "flour" someone on their birthday] We also got to see a lot of people with the members, which is the best!!!  I love when the members are willing to come out with us because they have very powerful testimonies and they are just amazing examples to those we are teaching.

I am so thankful for the Holy Ghost! Sister Bogle and I have been really focussed on the Holy Ghost this week and how important he is in this whole process. They talked about it a lot in the missionary broadcast as well that we got to see this week. They had a worldwide broadcast for all the missionaries and there was so many amazing things shared, I learned a lot and don't think I was able to write as much of it down as I would have liked to remember haha. It was really cool because they had some speakers and then throughout the broadcast they would switch over to a room that had about 12 to 14 missionaries in it and they would be with different "speakers"/teachers (David A. Bednar, Bonnie L. Oscarson, L. Whitney Clayton and I think a couple more) and they would have lessons and the missionaries would share their input. I learned a lot from those missionaries as well. Also, one of the missionaries looked sooooo familiar while I was watching it and when they showed her up close I realized that it was Jaimee Law! Small world haha. [mom note: a childhood friend of Emily's]

Well, I LOVE YOU ALLLLL SO VERY MUCH!!!! Have a wonderful week!! Talk to you soon!!

Sister Baker

p.s. please send me pics of Meg's coming home [mom note: Em's sister returning from her mission in Brazil. Video of her return home below] don't worry about me getting trunky or anything haha, I wanna see her.  LOVE YOU!!!!!

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