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[mom note: Pictures of killing chickens are contained in this post. They aren't graphic or overly bloody but I figured I'd warn you all the same]

Yoo Hoo Family!!

Hello everyone! I hope that all is well back home, I am thinking of you all and praying for you all! Thank you so much to everyone for the letters and emails, it means the world to me!

Sister Bogle and I have had another wonderful week together teaching so many amazing people. And we have amazing members in the branch that have been coming out to lessons with us which we are soooo thankful for. Sister Green and Sister Allen came out with us this week, both of them came with us multiple days this week and they are just the best! They have very powerful testimonies and such a strong love for this gospel.

On Thursday this last week, the zone leaders borrowed our van to go to a meeting in Spanish Town because theirs was in the shop, so we had a day of taxis and buses. We went up to see Antoinette and had a wonderful lesson with her and then took her out teaching to visit a couple of the people we are teaching in her community. We went to visit a family that we have taught a couple times. The dad's name in Jimmy and they call their mom Auntie Madge, they are not married. They have two boys named Jimroy who turns 15 in the next week or two and Junior who is 12. Jimmy and Auntie Madge were not home but they have given us permission to teach their boys if they are not home, so we asked them if we could have a lesson with them. They told us that they have to pluck 5 chickens before their dad got home so they couldn't have a lesson. We said "we wish you would have told us we could have brought service clothes". When they heard that they grabbed aprons and gloves and asked us to come help. They were eager to watch us attempt to pluck chicken haha. Little did they know that Sister Bogle raised chickens back home and knew exactly what she was doing haha. But they all got a kick out of watching me try and figure it out, but I was told that I got better as we moved along haha. I thought I would be really grossed out by it all, but it was actually really cool to learn and watch the process of it all. By the end I even gave up on wearing gloves because it was making it harder and I was plucking and cleaning the chicken with my bare hands (who am I? haha) I touched their bloody necks and everything. I originally was just going to take pictures, but when I saw them start I really wanted to try and it was a really cool experience. It was fun learning and serving their family.

"Who am I?" is right. If you know Em you know this was out of her comfort zone.

Jimroy and Junior

Sister Bogle

On Saturday, we went to Lucea which is the other Parish that Sister Bogle and I cover (about 45 minute drive) and saw a couple families that haven't been at church for a while. Sister Green came out with us and it was really amazing how strong the spirit was in all of those lessons. We went to visit Sister Harris and her son Phillip (those pictures by the ocean, that's their back yard... it is beautiful and they have a nice breeze and it smells like salt water, it is the best!) and we had a super powerful lesson with them. 

Then we took Sister Harris with us to visit Sister Mcleary who lives right around the corner from her. That was another great lesson where the spirit was just so strong. To have all those sisters together talking about the gospel and strengthening their relationships as members of the church, it was wonderful!!

Sister Harris came to church on Sunday with Phillip and there were so many members that were so excited to see them and welcomed them back with open arms. I love seeing the members showing so much love towards those who come to church and who we visit with throughout the week, it is a great feeling!!

I made the pumpkin cookies last Monday and they were DELICIOUS!!! I shared some with the Elders and brought some to FHE [mom noteFamily Home Evening] on Monday night as well. I think I am going to try and make the apple crisp today from the package for Sister Bogle and I and the elders. Thank you so much for the package with all the food. It has gone to good use and is continuing to fill my belly haha, I LOVE IT!!

Thank you to everyone for sending letters! I love snail mail and I love having people to write! I don't have addresses for a lot of people though, so I can't write people until I have gotten a letter or email from them haha. But thank you to everyone for all the love, support and prayers! It means the world to me. Love you all!!

Sister Baker

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