week 40 . emancipation day


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Yoo Hoo Family!!

I'm on!!! They switched P-day to today because of Emancipation Day. They didn't tell us until after last P-day so I couldn't forewarn you...sorry! 

This week was super eventful so hopefully I can remember it all and fit it all in here haha. 

For starters, I cannot remember if I told you last week but WE GOT A CAR!!!! It actually belongs in the other sisters area but neither of them have a license so we are driving it for the time being. BUT, they took it from the area originally because it needed fixed and when they brought it back to us there were still a couple things that they needed to fix. So the office elders came up to Mandeville to take it to the shop for a couple hours and gave us their truck to drive (I was so happy because the Mandeville car isn't a truck and I love the mission trucks). They ended up calling us and telling us they had to take our car to Kingston so they gave us their car to drive for a little while. Then on Monday they texted us and said they were coming to Mandeville to trade cars and when they pulled up it was another truck. They had to take their car to the shop and our car was still in the shop so they brought us the Summers (a senior couple that just went home) truck to drive for the time being. So we have been driving all sorts of cars this week. 

We haven't had water since Friday and there are four sisters living in our apartment haha so we have had the time of our lives keeping our apartment clean and bathing every day. We have some emergency water (we have 15 gallons per person) that we have been using but that is starting to run low and we just got a text yesterday that we need to have all of our emergency jive stocked because there is a tropical storm warning... so we are going to have to get our water refilled today haha. 

We got the call that Brother Brooks will not be getting baptized for a little while. We prayed a lot and the Lord definitely comforted us A WHOLE LOT!! Brother Brooks is still studying and keeping his commitments and just being awesome!!

We had a lesson with a new investigator named Sheldon this week and he is really awesome! He said he is not religious, but when we went over the Godhead with him it was like he had been taught it already!! He is so prepared for this gospel and he said he has been praying for guidance and help from God. So we are hoping and praying that he will find what he is looking for as we continue to meet with him. 

We had a lesson with Hopeton this week that was POWERFUL!! He has a really hard time remembering things so we just barely finished the restoration with him this week. We do follow ups to see how much he remembers and this week we followed up on the whole lesson and he remembered it all!!! We invited him to pray about it at the end of the lesson and after his prayer it was so quiet and he just looked up at us and said "I believe". Hopeton is such a humble man and I am so touched by his faith and his willingness to learn even though it is hard for him.

I am so thankful for the miracles I am able to witness every day as I serve out here. It is truly such a blessing.

Love you all!! 

Have a great week!! Good luck with all the wedding planning and preparations.


Sister Baker

Emily and Sister Pierre

Emily, Sister Pierre and the other sisters they share a house with

week 31 . transfers


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Hello all!! I LOVE YOU!! Thanks for all the emails and letters and support!! So... this week was TRANSFERS!! And Sister Van Der Leek is leaving me to serve with Sister Boekweg. I am so excited for both of them, but I will miss her LOTS!!! I will be receiving Sister Pierre who is from Trinidad. She has been serving in Cayman for the past six months so I have been in her district these past two transfers and have seen bits of her on skype now and then. She is a great missionary and I am excited to work with her!! I am sure that she will be a great blessing to this area!!

We had an eventful week of walking and rain. It is crazy because even when it is pouring down rain we are still sweating (welcome to the Caribbean). Not going to lie this week took a lot out of me and there were days that were more of a struggle and tested my faith. It was just hard to find people that were interested and it just felt like no one wanted to hear from us or anything. But we pushed forward and will continue to do so. Satan works very hard out here, but we work harder. And I am so thankful for this week because it really helped me to build my relationship with Heavenly Father and with Sister Van Der Leek as well (right before he takes her away from me haha). 

We got the news that President Brown will be coming to Turks for his last time this upcoming Sunday. So that will be my last time face to face with him as my mission presidet :(. I AM SO THANKFUL FOR PRESIDENT BROWN!! I love him A LOT and will miss him, but I know that President Pearson will be amazing as well. 

Highlight of the week: We had dinner at the Otin's (Brother Otin is from Argentina and Sister Otin is from Brazil) and they made us STEAK... SOOOO GOOOD!! We don't eat too much meat at home because $$$ And when we do it is either chicken or ground beef, so that steak was one of the most beautiful things Sister Van Der Leek and I have eaten in our time together haha.

Also, I may have gotten attacked by like 5 dogs this week. I got a small scratch and while I was trying to get away my amazing companion gave them the sternest "NO" I have ever heard because she was sooooo done with dogs haha and then we just walked away and kept on finding like nothing had happened (#minhavida - because I don't know how to say that in Creole and it would be boring in English) 

Also, Brother Willie from the branch (he is in the black shirt in the pics with Sister Van) every Sunday tells us to say hello to our families from "the little four inch man" haha. He is originally from Haiti but grew up in Turks and he is so precious!! Sister Van always says he looks like Yoda. I LOVE BROTHER WILLIE!!! He calls everyone his family and is really just the sweetest!!! 

Welp... I hope this was a more detailed letter... I will keep trying haha. LOVE YOU ALL!!! Have a great week!! [mom note: we asked for longer, more detailed letters hence her comment]


Sister Baker

week 30 . some island #minhavida


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Yoo Hoo Family,

OKAY... first of all HELLO!!! I LOVE YOU ALL SO MUCH!!! 

HAPPY BIRTHWEEK MEGS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! [mom note: Emily's sister Megan is turning 22 this week]

Also, there is an Emily Baker serving a mission somewhere in the world who went into the MTC this past week and I have gotten a couple of her emails... super random. 

This week was a week full of walking... walking and more walking. A lot of our appointments fell through which left us with a lot of finding time so my tan/burn is coming a long nicely and my feet are starting to feel it a little haha. But, it really was a great week. I learned a lot from all of our experiences as I always do and I was able to really talk with my Heavenly Father and strengthen my relationship with Him as well.

This week we discovered that apparently my month mark is now "change a tire day" because while driving on Saturday somewhere I ran over a screw which flattened our tire nice and good. But we didn't get very far into changing the tire before a kind man came and did it for us. He did it in like five minutes (it would have taken us just a little longer haha). TENDER MERCIES!!!

Also, random funny story (#minhavida) [mom note: this is the hashtag Emily's sister Megan used when sharing funny stories from her mission in Brazil. Translated it means #mylife]...We were finding in a nicer area on the island and while walking saw a full on nude guy just chilling petting his dog... we didn't see anything because of the way he was standing, but when we processed that he was not clothed we may have picked up our pace a little bit to walk past his house faster haha. 

My favorite scripture this week is definitely Ether 12:27. I LOVE IT!! I also LOVE the story of the Jadeite Cabbage which is somewhere in the Liahona or Ensign or something. I am sure that my super tech savvy mom will be able to find it and attach it to this email, but it goes really well with that scripture and has a great moral.

Welp... I LOVE YOU ALL!!! And I hope that you have a fantastic week!! I am thinking of you always and I am so thankful for the love, prayers and support!!

Have a great week!!


Sister Baker

week 29 . best job in the world


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YOO HOO FAMILY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hello all!! I hope you all had a wonderful week!!! I did, as always, because I have the BEST JOB IN THE WORLD and I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

The highlight of my week this week was definitely Zone Conference! [mom note: meeting where a group of missionaries from a certain geographical area (or zone) get together] It was probably my last Zone Conference with President Brown because he is heading out on June 30th :( It is hard to see him go, but I am also excited to get to know and work with President Pearson because he has been called by the Lord to help this mission and I know that he will do just that! [mom note: Mission presidents serve for 3 years. Emily's current mission president, President Brown, is finishing up his 3 year service and will be replaced by President Pearson.]

Zone Conference was really focused on working with the members and showing a sincere love for the people that we work with. These are people that I have grown to love so much already and I am thankful for the love that I am able to feel for them because it makes missionary work that much better!

We have four investigators that we are really praying for and working with right now towards baptism. Ewellington, Ulrick, Tony and Samuel. They all have there own questions, struggles and desires and it is going to take work, but I honestly do feel and believe that these four men have been prepared by the Lord and he is ready to welcome them into the fold. Please keep them in your prayers!!

I still LOVE being a missionary and I am so thankful that I made the decision to serve. I know that this is where Heavenly Father wants me!



Sister Baker

week 28 . mother's day skype!


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Yoo Hoo Family!!

So I feel like I just talked to you all... so strange?!? And so now I have nothing more to say, so if this email seems jumbled or confusing that is probably why. [mom note: We skyped with Emily yesterday for Mother's Day hence the having nothing to say]

Celebration week in the Baker home looked like a total party!! The shock game and everything! (Not sad about missing that)... The missionaries look awesome and I am sure they are doing amazing work in the ward!! [mom note: the "celebration week" she mentions is the week every year when we go a little party crazy. It includes May the Fourth be With You (Star Wars Day), Cinco de Mayo, and Nathan's birthday. Some of our festivities this year included the missionaries serving in our area]

Sister Van Der Leek and I had celebration week as well, but in our apartment with just the two of us and my cooking instead of mommy's cooking... and no decorations. Also, I am not clever enough to make Star Wars related food because I don't know enough about Star Wars [mom note: the only non Star Wars nerd kid in the family] and we do not use internet so our May the Fourth was pretty much just that sign I made... and the vitamins we take are Star Wars themed... so WOOOOO!!! 

Sister Van Der Leek and Emily celebrating May the Fourth

Cinco de Mayo celebrations
Mothers Day was THE BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOVE YOU MOMMY!!! And family too of course!!! I was so happy to see Megs there!!!! I'm sorry if I was jumbled or boring haha, 45 minutes flies by too fast!!! 

Nathan, Luke, Emily, and Megan
This week has been a spiritual one! I have learned a lot during my studies and reading. I am very into Jesus the Christ right now. I generally read it before bed when we have a little bit of time (and if I am not dead tired) and it is SOOO GOOOD!!! I am learning so much more about Jesus Christ and all that he did. I really like it because it combines all four gospels that talk about Christ in the Bible and expounds on them and James E. Talmage is far more intelligent than I am so I am just pretty much in awe the whole time I am reading haha. I just read chapter 15 a couple days ago and really liked that one!!

I seriously do not know what to say to you all... this is strange haha. 

Just please keep praying for us! We are working very hard to find people who speak English and who really have a desire to learn more about the gospel. We are finding some people that seem promising and are strongly hoping that they will continue to progress and that they will be willing to keep their commitments. 


Have a wonderful week!!!


Sister Baker

week 27 . being a missionary is the greatest blessing


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Yoo Hoo Family!!!!!

Okay, so this week was spiritual overload and I LOVED IT!!!!! We had Zone Meeting on Wednesday which taught me A LOT and then we had Sisters Conference on Thursday which was AMAZING!! We skyped in for Sisters Conference and it was cool to see all my companions and all the sisters, we have an amazing group of missionaries in this mission!!!! 

Sister Clyde (my last comp) is training Sister Johnson (Cassidy's student) CRAZY!!! [mom note: Cassidy is Emily's cousin that teaches at Timpview High School in Provo] Such a small world haha. Sister Johnson actually got asked to speak during Sisters Conference. She spoke on sustaining our leaders, it was very powerful and she seems like a really good missionary, MoBay [mom note: Montego Bay] is lucky to have her!

One of my favorite parts of Sisters Conference is when Sister Dennis spoke about Esther 4:14 and how we are called "at such a time as this". It was a powerful talk and she seems like an amazing sister! I didn't get to see her face because of the way the camera was set up for skype haha, but I really felt the spirit so strongly as she spoke. I am very thankful for the women in the scriptures and the amazing example that they are to me and all the other women in the world today. Scriptures are the best!!!

Turks is as wonderful as ever!!! We had four less actives at church this week which was so great!! The members were so happy to be reunited with these people that they had not seen in a while and a couple of the LA's [mom note: Less Actives - those who haven't been to church in some time] bore very powerful testimonies during sacrament meeting. This branch has such a strong desire to grow and I am so thankful to be a part of it all. Such an amazing calling to be given, I feel so much trust from Heavenly Father for placing me here!!!

We have two investigators with baptismal dates who really need your prayers! Ewellington (May 29th) and Mondesir (May 22nd)! Both are really willing to work towards baptism, but really need a powerful spiritual experience to help push them forward. They are so amazing and have a strong desire to know Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ and I know that as they work towards baptism they will be able to strengthen that relationship. So we are really just working to help them build their testimonies and to take that leap of faith and trust in God and his will for them. 

I absolutely LOVE being a missionary!! I think I say that every week, but it is so true! I am so thankful for the experiences that I have been afforded as a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and I am so thankful to know how much my Heavenly Father loves and trusts each of us. He has placed us where we are at this time to be a light and an example to those around us and I am so fortunate to have been placed in Turks and Caicos in the Provo Branch. I love these people with all my heart and I love all those I get to serve with and serve around. BEING A MISSIONARY IS THE GREATEST BLESSING and I know I will always be thankful for these experiences!

Okay... enough sappiness haha. Love you all!! Have a fantastic week!! SEE YOU SUNDAY AHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!! [mom note: missionaries are allowed to call/skype home two times a year...Christmas and Mother's Day. As Mother's Day is this Sunday we will be able to "see" Emily then when we skype with her]

Sister Baker

Emily took her Polaroid camera with her and loves snapping pictures of people and then giving them a photo
Unfortunately when we get pictures sent to us they often come with no explanation. I wish we knew who all these beautiful people are that Emily is taking pictures of

Not sure what all these car ad type pictures are. I can only assume that maybe they washed their car and were proud of how it looked? 
Sister Van Der Leek
Sister Van Der Leek

week 26 . six month mark...wuhhhhh?!?!?


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Yoo Hoo Family!!

Hello all!!!!!!! This week was absolutely AMAZING!!! So many miracles it is THE BEST being a missionary!!

There were many highlights this week and I may share them out of order, but here it goes haha. 

SMOKIE CAME TO CHURCH!!!!! Smokie is the less active that we have been meeting with for a couple weeks now. He is blind, so he hasn't been keeping up on reading his Book of Mormon, so we go and read a chapter with him two to three times a week. He was really unsure about coming back to church, and when we called him Sunday morning to remind him he was like "wow you really have a lot of faith don't you" and then he said he would try haha. When we got to church at 9:20 (church starts at 10) he was already there!!!!!!!!! And everyone from the branch was so happy to see him, everyone loves Smokie! 

On Thursday it was my six month mark... WUHHHHHH?!?!?! And Sister Van Der Leek and I got to change a tire haha. The treading on one of our tires was just really bad and we have to wait for money to get put into our accounts before we can go get new tires put on so we changed it to the spare for the time being which has WAYYYY better treading. But we were at the church when we talked to the office elders about it on the phone and there is not a good place for us to change it back home because the ground is not as flat, so we decided to just do it at the church in our proselyting clothes. [mom note: proselyting clothes just means they were in their church clothes] Our clothes were clean when we finished but my arms were covered in grease haha.

We found so many amazing people this week!!!! A lot of people that seem sincerely interested. We had one lesson with a man named Raymond this week and HE CAME TO CHURCH on Sunday!!!!!! We also had our investigator Ewellington at church. He came late because he lives further out on the island and it is hard to catch a jitney (taxi) from that far out. But he is going to push to be on time next week!!

There are so many miracles always in missionary work and I am so thankful for that! I am so lucky to have this opportunity to grow closer to my Savior and to help others too!

I love you all and hope that you have a wonderful week!


Sister Baker

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