week 9 . christmas in montego bay


[mom note: we get to Skype with Emily twice a year...Christmas and Mother's Day. It was so fun to see and talk to Emily. She is doing well and sends her love to everyone.]

we were a little excited to see her

she was a little excited to see our cat, Cambridge
While we were talking the elders brought in some soursop juice for Emily to drink

Emily and Sister Bogle 
Emily with her brothers, Luke and Nate
Hello Familia!

So either this computer is really struggling, or I am (probably the second). I was looking at all the pictures you sent and they were all highlighting themselves and turning blue so I had to zoom in to see them all normally and that took a whole lot of effort, but I loved seeing them all! The Queen Mary looked like a fun adventure and the service you did is so amazing! I love how service minded our family is, and I am thankful to you, mom and dad, for the example that you set for us all growing up. It means a lot :)

Christmas Eve and Christmas looked like a lot of fun as well. SO many people at Grammys house, oh my goodness! But it looked like so much fun. p.s. Tell Jared that he is a punk for not emailing me :) [mom note: Emily's cousin]

This week was amazing! We had Christmas dinner at Sister Barrett's home. She is the one in the green in the pictures I sent. She lived in England for a while, but now she is back living in Jamaica and she is a wonderful member missionary! And she is also a great cook. She made turkey and ham and chicken and stuffing and potatoes and vegetables and a bunch more. It was delicious and it was so nice to spend Christmas with some of the members of the branch. 

Sister Bogle and Emily

Antoinette was baptized yesterday!! It was amazing, and she was so happy all day! We took a polaroid for each of us (Sister Bogle, her and me) so that we all have a picture of her baptism to carry around with us. She also told us that she wants to frame the program from her baptism. She is seriously so wonderful and has a strong testimony! Reminder to mis padres, if you haven't done it already and you want to send her a congratulations letter, I know she would love it.

Also, mommy...have you been able to look at that family history stuff I asked you for? (just a kind reminder:))

This week I was reading in the conference Ensign and I read the talk, "God is at the Helm" by Elder M. Russell Ballard. It is an amazing talk, and I invite you all to read it :).

Love you all! And thank you so much to all of you that write to me and email me, it means so much!

Have a wonderful New Year!

Sister Baker

Looks like Emily taught Sister Bogle the fine art of roasting peeps

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