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Dear family and friends,

Em getting her hair braided

HELLO! Okay... so much to write, lets get this thing started!


Troy and Antoinette are both doing well, they are both working towards baptismal dates of December 27th. Sister Bogle and I are praying for them every day and have so much faith that they will be ready for the 27th. Mom and Dad (and anyone else who would like), in our zone meeting on Wednesday President Brown shared with us that it would be really good to have our parents send letters to congratulate our investigators after their baptisms, so if you have some time and would be willing to send a letter with notes for both Troy and Antoinette in there, that would be AMAZING and I know that they would love it! 

We have an investigator named Shelly who we met through Brother and Sister Williams in the branch. Brother and Sister Williams are the parents of Ranisha who was just baptized on Saturday (the pictures I sent home).

They are amazing member missionaries and we are so thankful to them for introducing us to their friends who are so ready to hear the gospel! Shelly has two daughters, Angel and Kasmira (the little girls holding the toys in the pictures I sent) and they are sooooooo sweet! They all sit in on the lessons and I know that this gospel will bless their family so much! Shelly is so strong and is an amazing support system to her two beautiful girls.

Sister Bogle
Emily and Sister Bogle

Mom, I got your package at zone meeting, THANK YOU SO MUCH! The children in the branch and a lot of investigators enjoyed the sweeties (that is what they call candy here) and all the toys that you sent. And Sister Bogle and I have our tree and stockings set up. We have been LOVING our advent calendar chocolate every day. And the Christmas CD is WONDERFUL!!!! So, thank you so much for taking the time to put that together and send it!

Also, thank you for sending out stationary and stamps to people :) I got a letter from Grammy, Sister Helton and the Christophersons at zone meeting and it made me so happy. I opened Grammy's and I was like "I think my mom has this stationary" and then I opened the other two and realized haha... "YOU SNEAKY MOM!!" LOVE YOU!!!

We had Christmas dinner on Friday and it was AMAZING! This branch really knows how to put a good program and dinner together, and the church was decorated all Christmas-y, it made me so happy! We had a great time with the branch and we had quite a few investigators. 

That video [mom note: I hope this link works] you saw from the party of the little girl was a drama piece that she has received 4 awards for at festivals. Wasn't she so adorable! The branch loved it so much, everyone gave her a standing ovation. Haha, I am not surprised that you couldn't understand it, take that and imagine everyone around you talking like that haha. I was actually able to understand most of what she said, but I am still working on understanding Patois. It is so much better than where I was at on day one haha.

JACOB IS HOME?!?!?!?!  [mom note: friend from home] How did that happen? Tell him I say hello!

I do not know if I know my Skype info, so it would be great if you could send it to me so I don't spend 15 minutes guessing until I get it haha. Dad asked me if I would like to split time between you guys and Megan. I don't know how that'd work and I would probably have to ask President Brown for permission. If Megan wants to, I am happy to do it. But I also understand that it could be a hassle and it will make seeing her on Mothers Day much more exciting, so either way works for me. [mom note: missionaries get to call home or Skype twice a year, Christmas and Mother's Day. We are trying to work out the logistics of the calls between us, Emily and her sister serving in Brazil]

Mom you asked about teaching. I am pretty comfortable with the teaching. I am still learning different things that can be applied and different methods of sharing the lessons, but I am definitely more comfortable with the lessons than I was when I got here. Sister Bogle is an amazing teacher and I have learned a lot from watching her teach in lessons. I don't think I could pick a favorite lesson. It is kind of like you said, we teach the first lessons more often, so I really like Restoration, but that may just be because we teach it more often. But I love talking about the fulness of the gospel being restored to the earth, it is an amazing lesson to share with people. But I also really like Plan of Salvation because it gives a lot of people here hope and a better understanding of their purpose. Haha, I really like all of the lessons... so, I don't have a favorite haha.

Okay, President Brown has invited us as missionaries to do a "my family" booklet that we can share with our investigators so I am going to be asking you for some info each week as I work on mine :)

::Mom and Dad: Birth place and marriage date
::Boys: Birth place (Megan was in Provo, right?)
::Grandparents; Full names, birthdate/place, death date/place, marriage date/place
::Grandparents children: full names and birthdate/place
::Mom, Dad and Grandparents: mission name and dates served
::I also need passport sized pictures of me, mom, dad, grandparents and great grandparents if you could print some off and mail them to me that would be wonderful!

Don't stress too much about any of these things, but just as you get the information if you could send it to me that would be AMAZING!!!




Sister Baker

Sister Bogle washing the car she and Emily drive

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