week 6 . it's december!


Yoo Hoo Family!!!

It is December!! I am so happy about all of the Christmas music and they have started putting Christmas lights up around Mo'bay and it is THE BEST!!!! It is also the warmest/sweatiest December I have ever experienced haha. 

The other day Jerri-ann came out teaching with us and on the drive to drop her off at home we sang hymns the whole time and threw some Christmas songs in there. It reminded me of driving home from Grammies and going around the car picking songs, it made me so happy! I love that my companion likes music just as much as I do (maybe even more). 

We got to watch like 45 minutes of the Christmas Devotional Broadcast last night, it was wonderful! I am so thankful for the general authorities and for the opportunity that people all over the world have to hear them speak. It was a really good meeting and Mo-Tab sounded AMAZING as always!

Response to letters and questions from family:

HAYLEY BRENNON IS GOING ON A MISSION!! WUHHHHH?!?!?! She is going to be an amazing missionary and Kentucky is going to LOVE her!!!!! Congrats girlie!

It rains a decent amount here. It cools down a little bit when it rains, but the other day we were walking to Sister Hamilton's shop in town (she is a less active member of the branch) and it was pouring rain and I was still managing to sweat a lot haha. I love the rain, but when it rains the streets empty really quickly haha. So that makes it harder to find people. 

That leads me to your other questions about knocking doors. We don't knock on a lot of doors because everyone has gates. If there are people sitting out on their porches we will go up and talk to them, but for the most part we just talk to people on the roads because there are always people walking around. So we just park the car in an area and walk to an appointment and find people along the way. Or we will just park and find people when an appointment falls through and the backup falls through as well. 

I will be skyping from the church building on Christmas, I think. It may be from a members house, but as of right now I think the elders are going to Brother Lee's (branch mission leader) house and Sister Bogle and I will call from the church. I'll let you know when I have a better idea. [mom note: missionaries call home or skype two times a year...Christmas and Mother's Day]

Sister Bogle sends her love to you  :)

I have not gotten the package yet. I won't get it until either our zone leaders go to Kingston or someone comes down to Mo'bay from Kingston. But I will let you know when I get it. The Christmas package I'll get at our Christmas Conference. Thanks so much for sending packages!! LOVE YOU LOTS!!!!

Jerri-ann and Kino are the two people that added you on Facebook :) They are both amazing member missionaries in the branch and they are both preparing to go out and serve missions. They will be marvelous missionaries!!!

Daddy, thanks for your email. Your week sounded nice and busy haha. That is so fun that you got to go up to Utah with Grammie. And it is so great that you followed that prompting! Sounds like there was a reason for it :)

Mommy, I love the new Christmas tradition. I remember seeing that book on Instagram before I came out, it looks so cute!

I saw the Smallwood Family in the Conference Liahona... woot woot! Their family is so adorable, it was fun to see them in there haha. [mom note: a family from our local church congregation]

Can you look on my phone and get me Matthew Webbers email? He texted it to me before I came out but I didn't write it down. Thank you!

We have an investigator named Alex who we have met with a couple times now. He seemed really interested during the first lesson and then when we met with him the second time he brought two friends that he wanted to hear what we were sharing. He is already doing missionary work haha! I am hoping and praying that he and his friends will progress, they would benefit a lot from this gospel! 

I LOVE YOU ALL SO MUCH!! Thank you for all the love and support and emails! Have a wonderful week and enjoy this amazing Christmas season!


Sister Baker

I guarantee every animal that crosses Emily's path is getting lots of attention

Chair delivery to their church building
Sister Bogle
Elder Bennett and Elder Lafayette

Elder Larson, Elder Bennett, Elder Lafayette and Elder Hall

Sister Bogle

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