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Hello my dear family!

First of all, I am still trying to get used to only having an hour to do all of this email jive so I apologize if this is short or if I cannot get pictures to you. [mom note: Emily gets one hour each week to email home. If you write her and don't hear back right away just know her time is limited. My guess is she will send lots of snail mail to people]

I love you all so much. It is so great to hear from you guys! I think about you and pray for you constantly. I am so thankful for all of the love and support that comes from home. I can feel your prayers, I really can and they mean so much to me. I would not be here without you. I am learning every day and I know that this experience will be so worth it.

President and Sister Brown are amazing! They are so loving and service minded and I already feel so close to them. I was so thankful for them and their smiling faces when Sister Boekweg [mom note: Emily's companion while she was in the MTC] and I walked out of the airport on Tuesday night. Everyone that we met our first couple days here was kind and loving and made me feel right at home. It was such a blessing!

My companion/trainer/mom, Sister Bogle, is from St.Thomas Jamaica and she is absolutely amazing! [mom note: New missionaries are assigned a trainer, often referred to as a mom (for the sister missionaries) and dad (for the elders). They usually spend 12 weeks together. The trainer helps the new missionary adjust to mission life and helps them learn how to be a successful missionary] She has taught me so much already and I am so lucky to have her. The rest of our district is Elders Bennet, Larson, Hall and Lafayette and we are all in the same branch together. They are an amazing group of people and great leaders as well.

For International Day of Service on Saturday we went to St. James Infirmary and painted, cleaned and did anything else we could do to help. I got to know a lot of the members and a couple investigators and it was a really cool experience. 

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Emily and Sister Bogle

Sister Bogle

On Friday nights at the church building they have game night. Instead of games this last Friday the Relief Society did a surprise baby shower for three of the sisters in the branch who are due this month, December and January. It was really fun and I got to meet a lot of people.

I think I have met most of the branch now with everything we did on Friday, Saturday and Sunday but I am still trying to remember all their names haha. 

Sunday was the Primary Program and OH MY GOODNESS it was so amazing. The primary children gave talks and I just felt the spirit so strong. The faith of the families in the Mobay (Montego Bay) Branch is absolutely amazing!! [mom note: Primary is the children's organization within the church for kids ages 18 months to 11 years old (see link for more info) Each year the primary aged kids do a program in their wards or branches. In the program they share messages and sing songs about the things they learned during the year]

(random side note Montego Bay is pronounced Monteeeego Bay like you say e instead of monTAYgo. I dont know if that makes sense haha, but I thought you might like to know that mom.)

Everyone here is amazing. Let me tell you about some of the people we have met.

Troy - he is 20. He has a baptismal date and he is amazing. He came to game night, the service project and church on Sunday. He has a hard time reading, but he has such a desire to learn and is progressing every time we talk with him.

Sister Foskin, Monica and Teja - Sis Foskin is a less active member of the branch [mom note: less- active = a baptized member of the church but not currently going to church regularly] her mother Monica is not a member and I do not believe that Teja has been baptized (she is 9 or 10 I think). Sister Foskin has a precious newborn baby girl who is absolutely adorable and this whole family is so kind. I have loved getting to know them. 

Sis Barrett, Brother Ulette, Sasha-lee and Sachoney - Less active family. Sasha-lee is 11 and is a recent convert. She is amazing. She spoke at the program on Sunday and she is a wonderful example to her family. Their whole family is so loving and sweet, they make you feel like part of the family the second you set foot on their porch. I always love when we get to see them and talk to them.

I met so many amazing people these past five days and I wish I had time to tell you about all of them but I write about everything in my journal (or try to haha) so everything I forget to put here will be in my journal for you to read when I get home. 

LOVE YOU ALLLLLLL SO MUCH!!! Thinking about you :)

Thank you for all the love and support. I can feel the prayers and that means more than you could imagine!

So much love,
Sister Baker

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