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Tuesday November 3rd was a long day of travel. Emily and her companion Sister Boekweg left the MTC/Provo at 3:30am and headed to the Salt Lake Airport to board the first of three flights that would get them to Jamaica 12+ hours later.

Salt Lake, Utah to Dallas, Texas
Dallas, Texas to Miami, Florida
Miami, Florida to Kingston, Jamaica
Emily was greeted at the airport in Kingston by her mission president and his wife, President and Sister Brown. It was nice to get this picture of their arrival and a letter letting us know all was well.

Sister Brown, Sister Boekweg, Emily and President Brown
"Dear Brother and Sister Baker,

We are happy to let you know your daughter, Sister Emily Anne Baker, arrived safely in Kingston, Jamaica.  She is in good spirits and arrived anxious to become involved in the great work being done here.  When she arrived we met her at the airport and brought her to the mission home where she spent her first night.  We helped her with banking and immigration matters and then provided training and orientation.

She was interviewed and met her trainer, Sister Bogle. They then went to their area where they began the work she came here to do.  Your daughter will be serving in the Montego Bay Branch. As parents we can appreciate your concern for her and her welfare and felt you would like to know she is safe and doing fine. 

We want to thank you for raising such a fine daughter and for your support for her while she is here.  Your support for the next few weeks while she may experience some homesickness will be very important.  The work is really beginning to blossom here in Jamaica and the people are warm and friendly.  We are confident she will have a special experience.  We can assure you we will do everything we can to help her grow and develop and are confident her testimony of the gospel of Jesus Christ will increase.  Through her mission experiences she will draw closer to our Savior.  We are so grateful to have her here."

In addition to the letter and picture from President and Sister Brown we got a few pics from Emily's camera [mom note: Every missionary mom needs to send their missionary with a wifi camera. If they have wifi available (I assume Emily did at the church building) they just press a button and the pictures will send to an email you have previously set up (we set up our home email). There is no written email/explanation sent with the pictures but from looking at tags we can tell that Sister Bogle, Emily's new companion, is in the pink dress. I believe the truck in the picture is her mission car.

Emily, Sister Bogle and Sister Williams

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