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Oh my goodness, I feel like just yesterday they told me I wouldn't be able to email for a whole week and now I am stressing about trying to write everything down haha. 

SO MUCH HAS HAPPENED!! They try to fit as much as possible in the twelve days that we have at the MTC so I am going to try and tell you about the highlights and you can read my journals 18 months from now for all the details haha. 

Also, MOM!! I know you asked me so many questions. I am going to try to respond to the important ones here so that you get them, but I might have to write you a letter to answer the others. 

Thank you so much for sending me Dear Elders every day. My district thinks that I am super popular! Too bad ten out of the thirteen letters I got were from my mom. Just kidding. Sort of haha. Jared Baker and Alex Pratt both sent me really sweet Dear Elders that were so great to read and Dad sent me an awesome one as well! I also got a letter from Jessica Eliason that made my day, so much laughing/smiling!! And all the packages have been amazing mom!!! My district [mom note: A group of missionaries assigned to work together] loves you and a bunch of random sisters in my residency love you because they got delicious cookies when I couldn't find anyone else to give them to and I didn't want to eat another after my fourth haha (just kidding! I only ate three ;))

Okay, I LOVE MY INVESTIGATORS! We teach one of our teachers (role-play) and that is super awesome because my teacher Sister Spence is amazing!! I want her to be with me on my whole mission! And then we teach two people who could be real investigators or members playing investigators. Either way, Sister Boekweg and I are teaching Erika and Miranda. They are both students living here in Provo and I love them! We only have one more lesson with them and I am so sad that we wont see them anymore after that!!! Sister Boekweg and I are going to use those cute Halloween treat bags mom sent to give treats to our investigators because our last lesson with them is on Halloween! I want to be best friends with them, they are sooooo sweet!

Coolest thing ever!! We only have one Tuesday devotional in the MTC and Elder Neil L. Anderson spoke to us this last Tuesday! It was broadcast to I think 8 other MTC's and his talk was absolutely AMAZING!!! He shared a Mormon Message video that was made from one of his talks in Priesthood Session of General Conference. I thought about Nate [mom note: Emily's brother] because it was a video about Sid Going. He was a really good rugby player who decided to serve a mission and it is a really cool story!! Even if you have seen it, you should all go watch it again. IT IS REALLY GOOD!!

The Organist at the meeting on Tuesday night was Professor Mendenhall. WOOT WOOT! OCMCO is the best!!! [mom note: A choral and orchestra organization that Emily, her dad, and brothers have all been a part of]  I wanted to go say hi but we were sitting on the other side of the room and had a meeting right after devotional. But it was really cool to think that he may be seeing the boys in a week of two at practice. WEIRD!!!

We watched a video on Sunday night which is movie night in the MTC!! It was called Characteristics of Christ and it is by Elder David A Bednar. You can only watch it in the MTC, but I think that you can read it somewhere. Try and find it if you guys can, it is an AMAZING TALK!!!

Random note: That scripture marking pencil Andrea gave me never leaves my side and all of the elders in my district went and bought one for themselves because they got sick of sharpening their scripture marking pencils haha. I really love it so much and may be needing refills sooner than I would have guessed :)

The MTC has truly been one of the most amazing experiences! I am doing great and loving every minute! It is hard work, but the Lord is helping me through every step of the way. I know that I will never regret the decision I have made. I will never forget everything that I have learned in my time here. 

I am sad to leave my district as they go off to serve in different parts of the world. They have built me up so much. They all have amazing testimonies! (random, but Elder Hopkins is in the Pratt's ward. [mom note: Family] He wants his mom to see the pictures that I am sending to you guys, so if you can find her somehow and give her the link to my blog I bet she would love to see pictures!) [mom note: The pictures she was trying to send never came through. Luckily a girlfriend of one of the elders texted me the pictures in this post.] I love my district though, like seriously these two weeks would be so hard on my own.

I also have an AMAZING and LOVING companion who constantly helps me to become better and who loves me. I love her so much, and I am soooo happy we were companions!

The church is true!!! I am so excited to meet and love the people of Jamaica!!

Have a wonderful week!!

So much love,
Sister Baker (Pie)[mom note: Our family nickname for her]

PS :: Mom heres travel info...
We have to be at the travel office at 3:30 on Tuesday morning. Our first flight leaves Salt Lake at 7:05 AM. We fly to Arizona and then to Florida and then to Jamaica. We land in Jamaica at like 6:59 PM or something really close to that. We have a one hour layover in each place so I don't know when the best time to call you is. Salt Lake? If so, will you be up? Let me know!!! LOVE YOU!!! 

PPS :: I got my blood drawn to check if I have HIV haha That was horrible! They had to do it twice because the first vein (inside of my left arm) didn't give them enough blood and now it is all bruised and ugly. Then they did it in my right wrist. I got sore and a little ugh feeling, but I drank lots of water and Im doing great!

back row :: Elder Hopkins, Elder Moyle and Elder Fenton
front row :: Sister Boekweg, Emily, Sister Burt and Sister Ellis

Emily and her companion Sister Boekweg

Em's District :: Sister Boekweg, Emily, Elder Hopkins. Elder Fenton, Elder Moyle, Sister Burt and Sister Ellis

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